Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Miami

While we were in Utah, Stacy and the children were in Miami. Stacy called to see if Grandma could come to Miami to hang out for a fewdays and then help her on the plane with them. Grandma jumped at the chance, and Jim decided to come with Alex when he came on the weekend. Most of the time was spent on the beach or in the pool, and otherwise enjoying the view of Miami from the condo. It was a fun time playing with the kids and visiting!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Evan Baptism and Birthday

Because Evan's other grandparents, Janice and Scott Hartshorn, were visiting in Utah with their families, the decision was made to have Evan's baptism there. There was a short window of time before they left, so his Great-Grandparents made arrangements for the baptism to be held on his birthday. It was a special day for Evan, and both of his Grandmothers gave talks (Janice on Baptism and Nancy on the Holy Ghost). Several family members and friends were there to be a part of the occasion! After the baptism, there was a birthday party-reception at Bryan's Aunt's house. There was delicious food and a birthday cake for Evan. Grandma and Grandpa B were glad to be invited to participate, and enjoyed the chance to celebrate with Evan!

Summer 2009 Trip - Temple Open House

While we were in Utah, Cindy (Jim's Cousin) called. She was in town with Faie (another of Jim's cousins) and her boys. The Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple was having an open house and they were attending, so Kristi, Grandma and Grandpa made arrangements to meet them there. It was fun to visit and to see the beautiful Temple!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Daniels

Even in Utah, Grandpa enjoyed having the kids ride the cart through Wal-Mart. Jett and Daxton seemed to like it, too, and Daxton loved to drive! After a long day trying to get to Utah from Denver (the flight was cancelled after a mechanical when everyone was on board), Grandma and Grandpa ended up having to go through Bozeman, Montana, to get to the Salt Lake City airport. Kristi was really good to help find a way, and it was nice to be able to fly around the country! They got to see the Daniels' new home, and to get some good cherries and other fruit while they were there. It was also fun to sleep with the windows open and enjoy the cool nights!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Reunion

Much as she hates to admit it, Nancy had her 50-year reunion at South High School in Denver, Colorado. Jim made the arrangements to go. Nancy said that she wouldn't know anyone, and Jim said he was determined to find someone who knew her. Sure enough, they found several people who recalled Nan Zabel...and a few she knew, too! One of the fellows there said that he went on a date with Nancy. She asked him where, but he didn't remember. At any rate, it ended up being an interesting experience. The first night everyone was trying to find people they knew, the next morning there was a tour of the high school, and that night there was a banquet. The high school was built in 1929 and is now listed as a Colorado Historical Monument...they have applied to be a National Historical Monument. It was a total of 8 stories high...5 stories of classrooms...and a clock tower. The elevator was being repaired, and Jim was pleased that so soon after his hip surgery he was able to climb 6 stories. Nancy went on to see the clock works and the tower. The lunchroom was on the 4th floor, where there were sandwiches and the choir performed. The 1959 Class at South High School was made up of about 1,000 students and was the largest graduating class in the school's history. There were new schools being built, and the students going there were dispersed after that. Because of its size, the class was split into two sections, one going in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Because of its size, there were several sports and academic records that have not been equaled. Both Jim and Nancy felt that it was a good experience and they were glad to have gone.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Johnsons

We drove back to Denver on the 23rd, and met up with our friends, Jim and Karen Johnson. Karen babysat with J.J. when he was a baby, and we used to do things with them through the years we both lived in Denver. The camera was out of "juice", and we forgot about the camera in the phone, so we didn't get pictures. We were able to visit with Karen and their daughter, Elizabeth. for awhile in their home, and then Jim, Karen, Jim and Nancy went to dinner. It was just as though we'd never been apart! It's terrific to know that some friendships will continue even though time and miles keep us apart!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Hayden

Curtis' brother, Berneil (Bud) and his wife, Carron, live in Hayden, Colorado, about thirty miles from Curtis and Shirley. We went to have lunch with them on the 22nd, and we had so much fun we stayed for dinner and birthday cake with their granddaughter, Aspen! Bud fixed us a delicious lunch and dinner, and we were able to eat outside on their porch. They have a wonderful backyard with lots of plants and trees. The weather in Colorado is beautiful and cool, and we loved the peacefulness of eating with them and visiting!
Bud mentioned that there was a Museum a couple of blocks from his house in an old train station, and the printing press that Grandma's Dad used when he ran the paper in Hayden was located there. We were excited to see it, so after lunch he took us there. One of the ladies who volunteered there was just leaving, but Bud knew her and talked her into staying to show it to us. It was really fun to see different things about the area and to hear all the stories! Sure enough, the printing press was there, and not only that, but a receipt for a newspaper subscription that was signed, "A. Zabel" (Grandma's Dad). Remember the story Grandpa tells about the baseball mitt that his Dad ordered to be sent in the mail? He found one just like it at the museum!
Grandma and Grandpa wanted to check out the house in Craig, Colorado (about 20 minutes away) where they lived for a short time when Dahra was about a year old. They drove over there and took pictures of the house and headed back. After a detour to take pictures of the grave of Grandma's brothers (stillborn before Grandma was born), they returned to Bud and Carron's for dinner on the porch again. Before it got dark, Bud took us on a tour of Hayden. We saw and took pictures of the hospital where Grandma was born, and the house where her parents lived when she was born.
Bud showed us the new houses built in Hayden and the High School where his son, Troy, is Principal. We also drove by the Nursing Home where a bronze that Curtis did is displayed. We were able to get a picture of it, and then we went back to the house to celebrate Aspen's birthday.
We also were able to get reaquainted with their son, Patrick, who is Hayden with his son, Nathan. We found that he does bronze artwork similar to Curtis. We saw pictures of several pieces of his work, and we shared with him the story of the butterflies that Lora used in her wedding. He was interested in maybe doing a wall hanging in bronze of the butterflies. We really enjoyed getting a chance to talk with him. Again, it was nice to get reacquainted with family and to enjoy the times we spent with them!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Steamboat Springs

We rented a car in Denver, and drove to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to visit with Curtis and Shirley Zabel (Curtis is Grandma's Cousin). They live on a beautiful ranch in the mountains outside of Steamboat Springs. We drove the same route that Daniel and Grandma took when they took the truck to Doug, and it was still beautiful. We did notice that there were several dead pines. We found out later that it was beetles, and they are so infested that they can't get rid of them. There were notices up to warn people to be on the lookout in the mountains, because the trees could fall at any time. The mountains were still gorgeous, though, and Grandma really enjoyed remembering the other times she had made that trip. Curtis, Shirley, Jim, and Nancy in the house being built by Curtis and Shirley's son, Kirk and his wife, Bev, on property across from Curtis' ranch. Right now Bev works in Venezuela for Chevron and lives there with Kirk and their two boys. They are building the house for when they return. It is beautiful, and the view is wonderful. The picture shown is their view from the front window. The houses you see are Curtis and Shirley's. It is so nice, because their other son (Ty) lives with his wife and two children (Regina, Tyanna and Taylen) in a house on the property next to them. Ty works for the school in Hayden, Colorado.
This is a picture of Curtis and Shirley in the house. Curtis is still doing bronze sculpture, and Shirley is doing the bookwork and keeping everything together. It was so fun to stay with them, with the extra bonus of being able to get reacquainted with Kirk, Bev, Travis and Jacob. Curtis and Shirley are keepng busy and enjoying their grandchildren!

Bev gave us a tour of the house. They expect it to be done in November, and they're coming back from Venezuela at Thanksgiving time to sign papers, etc. In the meantime, they were being sure that things were getting done properly while they were there for the summer. We enjoyed hearing about life in Venezuela and about the children in their International School. They seem to be enjoying the experience, but are looking forward to the times in the new house, too.
It was fun to be reminded of the importance of family and to enjoy the warm friendship while we were there!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Visit with Verna

When we got to Denver, we called Verna Flora (Grandma's Cousin) to visit with her in her apartment in the San Marino Retirement Community. She gave us a tour of the facility and then we went to dinner. She looks good, and it was fun to see her again and get reacquainted.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer 2009 Trip - Houston Birthdays

Daniel was housesitting for the Taylors while they were in Utah, so we were able to stay there during our time with Daniel. We were able to celebrate both birthdays (Dad - July 17 and Daniel - July 18) while we were there. Daniel cooked Dad steaks on the grill by the pool, and then he entertained us with watching the dogs in the pool.

Daniel and the dogs seemed to really enjoy it...they all dived off the diving board and chased each other in the pool.
The next morning, Jamie brought us breakfast and we gave Daniel cards. That evening we went to the Sushi Choo Choo where different kinds of sushi came around to our table on an automated tray. It was fun and good!!
Mom and Dad went to the office during the day with Daniel while Jamie prepared for her kindergarten open house. The last evening we were there, we went to the Cirque de Soliel at the Berry Center (which was built for football and basketball games in the Cy Fair District). We had never been to the center, and we really enjoyed the show. We went with Marcheses, a family we knew in the Houston Ward, and we went to dinner at Alicia's before the show.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Zabe Plays Violin

Zabe is doing well with his violin lessons, and we enjoy hearing him perform when he remembers to bring his violin to our house. He looks like quite a professional!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alden-Grandpa Fill Birdfeeder

Grandpa is showing Alden how he "greases" the pole with vaseline laced with cayenne pepper to keep the squirrels from eating the birdseed in the feeder in the backyard. Grandpa has enjoyed watching the birds each morning and keeping a watch for the squirrels. There have been a wide variety of birds that use the birdfeeder, and it is necessary to fill it up at least once a week.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July 2009

Osengas came to dinner for the 4th of July. Last year we were able to see the Lawrenceville City fireworks from the front of our house, but this year (because of the economy) they did not have them. So we wouldn't be disappointed, Darryl brought fireworks to enjoy. Alexis and Alden had their chance at lighting them, and we all enjoyed the explosions!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jayda Breaks Arm

Jayda's gymnastics proved a little dangerous when she broke her arm. The good news is that she got a bright green cast and had everyone sign it. Surprising to Grandma and Grandpa was the fact that they now make them waterproof, and she was able to swim and shower without protection. What's the world coming to!?! It didn't even keep her from going to Wal-Mart with the rest of us when Grandma and Grandpa were babysitting.