Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tony-Kay Stamp Picture

When Tony and Kay sent out invitations for the wedding, they had stamps printed up with their picture on fun!

Grandma and Alexis Go to Movie

For Alexis' 14th birthday (on April 18) , Grandma took her to the Hannah Montana Movie at the AMC Theatre on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time, and then returned to the house afterward for ice cream (of course)! Grandma is grateful that Alexis is still willing to :hang out" with her and Grandpa!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Macie Has Dress Fitting

Amy brought Macie to get the flower girl dress she is wearing for Tony and Kay's wedding measured for the hem, and we had sandwiches for lunch. While she was here, J.J. called and was in the area...he came for a sandwich, too. It was fun to see them and to have Macie model for us!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time at Grandma's House

The Campos children are still blessing Grandma and Grandpa with a visit once a month after Spanish class. This month, Malia was able to sample Grandpa's new walker, play the piano, and watch her favorite TV show, "Go, Diego, Go!" Brielle had a time to snuggle with Grandpa in his chair, and Ronan played a game with Tony. Brielle and Grandma usually are able to play a game of Candyland or the Brinkerhoff Family matching game. Every once in a while, Brielle and Malia "do the dishes" for Grandma. It's really fun to play with them and to visit with Stacy.

Grandma's House

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Grandparents & Loved Ones' Day

While Kristi was here, we were able to go to the Grandparents & Loved Ones' Day at The Waldorf School of Atlanta, where Tori, Jayda, and Zabe go to school. We began with a presentation in Tori's kindergarten class, and then we were able to enjoy refreshments in the multi-purpose room while we waited for the performances of the other classes to begin. We were able to see Jayda and Zabe perform before we left to head home. I'm always impressed with the things they learn!

Daxton Loves School Bus

While Kristi and the boys were here, Jim brought the school bus home for the middle break. Daxton took advantage of the opportunity to climb aboard and get some pictures.

Daniels Family Comes to Atlanta

Kristi and the boys came to town for Kay's bridal shower. She stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandpa and Alden babysat for the shower. It was fun to see them and to get a chance to visit. Kristi had a little bit of trouble getting home, but I guess she finally made it!